Iris Consulting Group is a real estate planning, investment, development and financing firm. The company pursues select market niches where complexity innovation creates exceptional potential for its partners, investors and clients. With highly-specialized expertise in financing structures and underwriting criteria, as well as all aspects relating to entitlement processes, Iris Consulting Group identifies opportunities which competitors do not understand, resulting in broader marketing advantages and superior financial performance.


Iris Consulting Groups’ business model includes two fundamental project types: equity-based and fee development. Current equity projects include Class A residential multi-family projects in high growth areas throughout the United States, as well as Continuum of Care Assisted Living projects in the western United States.


Iris Consulting Groups’ products and services  in the areas of residential Multi-family, Assisted Living and mixed use developments include:

- Planning and development
- Financing and underwriting
- Marketing and feasibility consulting


Together with its affiliated project delivery of construction and Architectural / Engineering firms, Iris Consulting Group provides fee-based project delivery services for a wide range of private and not-for-profit clients.


The company was founded in 2008 by Karen Dailey and Jeffrey Leitner who are personally involved in day-to-day management of all projects. Company headquarters are in Punta Gorda, Florida.